Line Quality Test FAQ's

Firewall Detected.
The speedtest detected that you have a firewall. This is a good thing - your security protection is working. However, this test needs to make a connection to your computer on port 5060, and it can't, which makes it impossible to run the first 3 tests. If you are connecting from an enterprise or sophisticated network device - the ALG (application layer gateway) feature may affect this as well (due to 5060 also being used by the SIP protocol).
Java Not Detected.
This could be a couple of things: you may simply not have java installed / configured properly or your browsers security mechanism is disabling the java run time enviroment. Update your java installation to the latest or tell your browser to allow the old copy of java to run. Also, be sure that you do not have more than one instance of the test running. Java will lock down the port in the initial instance loaded. Any other tab/browser would not have access to use the port unless the initial instance is terminated.
How do I confirm my Java is working properly?
Go to and run the tests there. You will also find support for java and instructions to help correct your problem if the test fails.
How do I update my Java?
Go to and follow the instructions.
Why do I have 100% Packet Loss?
Most likely the packet loss test could not be run due to a firewall. Please see "Firewall Detected" FAQ above for more details. Some residential routers treat the packet loss test as UDP flood and block them as well.
Why is my Ping higher than through this test than from the command prompt?
These tests are done use the HTTP protocol versus using ICMP (like your command prompt uses). The latency is higher in TCP based connections like the HTTP protocol uses because of protocol overhead. The latency test is performed by measuring the time is takes to get a response for an HTTP request sent to the webserver. It is done 10 times with the lowest value determining the actual result.
Why am I receiving impossible speed results?
This can happen when an application on your computer is intercepting traffic between our speedtest servers and your computer. Some candidates would be antivirus and firewall such as ZoneAlarm, Norton or McAfee. You can try momentarily disabling the suspected application and reruning the test to confirm. Make sure to turn it back on after the test - it is protecting you after all.

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